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Our Pasta Menu

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Asparagus Rolls
Potato Skins
Spinach & Permesan Dip
Mozeralla Sticks
Stuffed Mushroom Caps
Mezze Platter (Herbed Pita bread, Hummus, Babaganoush)
Cheese Corn Balls
Chilli Garlic baby Potatoes
Assorted Bruschetto
Chilly Cheese Toast
Fried Ravioli (Filling Your Choice)
Mini Pizzas
Mexican Platter(Homemade tartilla Chips with Guacamole)
Tacos / Tastadas
Vol-au-vents (Filling your Choice)
Cigars (Filling Your Choice)
Greek Sticks Yougurt Dip (Cucumber, Carrot, Peppers)
Cheese Fondue
Veg. Momo
Chicken Cheese Dip (W/herbed pita bread)
Pollo Frity (Deep Fried chicken)
Gambaretti Frity (Deep Fried Prawns )
Braised Meat / Chicken Balls
Crostani Di Pollo
Chicken Momo
Shirmp & Tuna Dip (w/herbed pita bread)
Tarlets (Chicken Cheese / Shrimp cheese)
BBQ Chicken
Medetarian Kabab ( Chicken / Lamb Skiwers)
Crumb Fried Fish (Rawas)

Fritella De Napoli - Spinach crepes rolls with the filling of choice
Melznzane / patatine parmigiana - slices of pesto-infused roasted aubergines/potatoes baked in creamy tomato sauce and mozzarella
Potato & vegetable pie-Layers of garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables baked until crisp
Verdure con pesto Rosso - Seasonal veegetables in red pepper pesto sauce
Ravioli - Handmade ravioli with filling of your choice
Fungi Ripieni Con Alfredo - Stuffed mushrooms baked in wine & cream sauce
Lasagna - Pasta layers baked with filling of your choice, in creamy tomato sauce and Mazzarella
Cannelloni - Pasta tubes with filling of your choice, baked in Alfredo sauce.
Spicy Potato Stew -Baby potatoes stewed in tomatoes, rosemary, and Mediterranean seasoning
Chilly Rellenos - Jumbo stuffed chilli peppers baked in a spicy cheese sauce
Burritos - Stuffed flour tortilla rolls deep fried and served with tomato sauce and cheese
Enchiladas - Stuffed corn tortillas rolls baked in spicy tomato sauce and cheese
ThaiCurry - (Red & Green)
Vegetarian Pasta Special (Made with your choice of pasta)
Spicy Mediterranean Stew - Chicken or Lamb brochettes stewed in tomatoes, garlic, rosemary, and seasoning.
Pollo Especial - Chicken stuffed with broccoli, mushrooms and Mozzarella baked in basil pesto.
Pollo Siciliana - Chicken and Mushrooms in rosmary and red wine sauce.
Lasagne - Layers of Pasta & Minced Meat Baked in Creamy Tomato Sauce
Cannelloni - Chicken & Herb Stuffed Pasta Roll Bcked in Creamy Alfredo Sauce
Gambaretti Terrazo - Grilled shrmp tossed in spicy tomato and red wine sauce
Agnello Di Fiorenting - Lamb, olive and potatoes in tomato and red wine sauce.
Pollo Roman - Chicken broccoli and peppers in spicy tomato and basil sauce.
Pollo di Spinaca - Chicken and vegetables in a creamy spinach sauce.
Pace Di Mostarda - Grilled rawas in a mustord cream sauce
Chicken ThaiCurry - (Red & Green)
Non-Vegetarian Pasta Special (Made with your choice of pasta)
Herbed Rice
Spanish Rice
Sauteed Vegetables
Garlic Bread
Assorted Bread with herbed butter